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The name: Soloist_Haven was chosen due to some of us preferring Solo Gameplay, but choosing to play as a Guild with the Friends that have been made. So the name exists as a reminder of who we have been & how we have become who we are.

In 2017, a group of Online Friends created Soloist_Haven. This Guild was created by this small group of people because they were mostly interested in having fun with every aspect of the Games that they play together. We have also enjoyed coming up with challenging ways to live our Character lives. We are a group of chilled people, with some "Elitists", as well as some "Casuals". Regardless, we enjoy each other's company while Gaming, hanging out in Voice Chat (Discord), Streaming: Shows, Movies, & Anime with each other, or just random conversations & such.

We are a PvX Guild, however, we have a Primary Chapter that is primarily PvP-oriented & a Secondary Chapter that is strongly PvE-oriented. So depending on what you plan to do In-Game, will decide the Chapter that you run with the most within Soloist_Haven. Our Officers Recruit for their play-style in what Games we play & these play-styles are what they prefer as well. Setting up our Guild in this manner allows people to Guild-Up with like-minded individuals & be able to grow together as a Guild much simpler.

Role-Playing has not been our strong-suit, however, we have enjoyed certain aspects of RP. Some of our personal challenges that we have applied, we did with a single Character on our Account & soon after, this Character (that was going to be an Alt) became a very interesting Character to all of us to play due to the 'Rules' we placed on them. Most of us have tried these 'Ruled' Characters too, due to how much the others were enjoying playing theirs.

Soloist_Haven is a "Mature Guild", so we do look to -Recruit- people that are 18+ yrs of age. However, certain people have been Recruited in the past that did not meet this requirement, so circumstances can override this on a case-by-case basis. If you may have any questions regarding this or other Recruitment aspects, feel free to Email your question(s) to: Voice Chat (Discord) is a "Must", especially if you are going to be joining in any PvP. PvP requires immediate communications, so comms must stay quiet unless pertinent information needs to be shared.

Our Guild Website is also utilized for planning Game Events & storing Game Information. Any Game Information that you may have Bookmarked, feel free to openly share it on our Site. We openly share this, in case others eventually check out a Game we've already played ... plus, it helps us all free up Bookmarks from our individual PC's. So feel free to unload your Bookmarks & look into any that we share & stockpile.

   Thank you for your patience & interest in Soloist_Haven.

   We can all do better & work faster together!
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25th Jul <Member> James
Back in the U.S. but still living out of boxes, LOL. I'll be on and off here and there until I can fully set up my office. A lot going on right meow but at least we're back!!!
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5th Jul <GrpE> 876StreamGod just joined our community, welcome!
15th Jun <Member> Anjito just joined our community, welcome!
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